Birth plates

Specialty plates celebrating a birth or birthday

Hand-carved candle lanterns

Hand-carved earthen-ware bowls and plates

Welcome to our Pottery site

January 2016: Presently Crow Hill studio is in the moving process. Pottery orders are postponed until July 2016.

We create functional stoneware and decorative earthenware in a variety of forms here at Crow Hill Pottery. From mugs and bowls to crocks and pie plates, we decorate the stoneware forms with glazes mixed by hand and fired in an electric kiln to Cone 6. All pottery is wheel-thrown, glazed, and hand-decorated by Tonya Yoder, owner of Crow Hill Pottery.

We specialize in creating one of a kind pieces, hand-lettered and decorated with names, dates, and nature motifs. These pieces can be a special keepsake, celebrating an important event or person - a child's birth, a special committment, an anniversary, a milestone of life.

Please feel free to visit the Gallery, and view the Contact Us page if you wish to order a custom piece.


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